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Posted by Adeline Behm on October 27, 2023 at 5:48 pm #138446

We don’t possess our own lives. We are stewards of the life that God has given us, and for however long God continues to give us breath. This sentence popped into my awareness this week as I struggled through Visio Divina with the image and a recent dream that kept reoccurring. I am at a large gathering. I had settled into the seat that became mine. I keep doing this, then one time someone is in my seat, so I just move into another one quite near. This time I am seated dear someone whose suffering is quite evident. Non verbally my heart reaches out to him. The next time I re-enter the conference room after a break, the seat available in this section is his, so I take it. I am uncomfortable, but I seat myself in this chair. The next re-entry, there are no seats available. I try to appear unconcerned as I move farther and farther back. I slip into one of three seats available in one of the most obscure, out of the way seats, perhaps for someone auditing the sessions. In the Vision, I go down down through that inner opinging, seeking to go deep enough to become that person God is creating me to be. In another Visio I am coming up from an inner depth, coming, coming as the exterior envelops me as I consent to losing myself into a light-filled nothingness. I have spent years of my life becoming someone that God would love, only to be discovering this nothingness that I really am is what is happening as I consent to stewarting that that life whose name, who for a few chronos years is known as  ADELINE. Stewarting is not auditing a life, it is giving it away according to the  ONE who is fashioning it into a NO-THING. So, Adeline, more stewarting and less being someone!