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Posted by Adeline Behm on November 25, 2023 at 5:47 pm #138871

As I end this week, listening to the suggested Keating video became an Examen of Consciousness: My days are knit together with the presence of God. On awakening “Behold , O lord , I come into your presence…,” ending : “Hide me in the shelter of your wings, guard me as the apple of your eye.” Each time I pray the Welcoming Prayer, which then may happen any number of times throughout the day. I have long know that “the Spirit cannot endure being  box-in”. My waking life and my dreaming life encompass all of my real life. My dreaming experiences churn up intense feelings, at which time I prayer the Welcome Prayer as I leave all in the hands of the Indwelling Spirit. The W.P. thrusts me into this “dialogue unto death”, death to my accumulated “emotional program”, freeing energy for mutual forgiveness and in depth understanding. My great humiliation is the exposing of the errors of my ‘well/articulated/erroneously intentioned’ emotional programing. Humiliation is freeing up energy to remain more often in the Presence of God and bringing others into the SPIRIT’s PRESENCE. This week I heard in a new way, “Thank you kind lady.”