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Posted by Frank Pendola on December 3, 2023 at 10:24 am #139063

This week I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Thomas : “In Christ there is perfect Unity and Infinite Diversity.” This week’s Word of The Week contained so many varied voices that I’d encountered through friends on the Journey.

First, a close friend referred me to Anthony De Mello nearly 40 years ago when my searching for answers was leading me away from the church that I grew up in; One of my friends that faithfully attends our Centering prayer group has a deep appreciation of the poetry of Mary Oliver: Another dear friend who has worked tirelessly in the very demanding Peace and Justice ministry referred me to Fr. Greg Boyle and his work; my mentor at Contemplative Outreach referred me to Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations several years ago and this became a daily part of my practice.

What strikes me this week is  the diversity of voices presented! As a musician and “child of the sixties”, I am part of a restless generation that was eager to experiment with new and exciting paths of spiritual awareness and decide that the  faith I grew up in was obsolete! I learned and experienced much that was good but it was a dizzying and turbulent ride.

Through the practice of Centering prayer I find myself here today. These meditations, reflections and practices help me to integrate my experience AND to see with new eyes and to hear with new ears the treasures of the faith that was passed on to me. I am so grateful for resources like “The Word of the Week”. It helps me to stay on the path.

Frank Pendola

Westerly, R.I.