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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on December 3, 2023 at 4:22 pm #139065

The Word of the Week is without a doubt the best spiritual guidance I have all week.  It is so rich. Every line, no every word speaks to me. I can see how carefully it is prepared with such insight, wisdom and sensitivity. The broad scope of its quotes. What a library shared with us so freely with love. I think I gave my donation last year but maybe it is time for me to  renew. If so please send me a little reminder. At 86 the memory is not working so well. Back to today’s readings.

I will focus on this sentence. Oops copy and paste did not work. The sentence was at the beginning and used the word “hypnotized” which is exactly the right word used by our “wordsmith” author who has such a wonderful talent. We are hypnotized by the media and evil suggestions are implanted in our unconscious. The cure for this is most definitely centering prayer. We have to be able to hit the “erase” button just as we erase old movies from our TV recorder. We have to replace the evil suggestions with love. God, who is Love, does that for us in centering prayer. We don’t even know what is  rolling around in our unconscious or when the media implanted it there. We don’t even know how maliciously it affects our lives. But the God of Love knows and the love of God eradicates these recordings. We become whole and loving again. This is the great reward of centering prayer. It is the miracle of spending silent time with God who works miracles in all of us and we don’t even know it. We did not know we had the illness and we certainly did not know we were cured. We just become a different person without knowing it. Thank God. Thank CO. Thank the author of this publication.

The last thing: Now I will have to ask my wife to find our copy of “The Little Prince” given to us 50 years ago by her sister. Needless to say I did not remember the quote. I think the wisdom of the book was beyond my understanding 50 years ago. Now maybe I will understand it. Pray that I do.