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Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on December 4, 2023 at 12:16 pm #139073

I am so inadequate to respond to this week’s lesson. There is a lifetime of wisdom there to be mined. Thank you!
every morning, as I go into my centering prayer, I find myself producing tears , as one person or another comes into  consciousness. This morning it was a funeral director I had a conversation with last week at a relative’s calling hours. If ever there was a witness to God’s presence and action within, this was it. The beauty of this man’s story keeps me praising God. It was so tender, I have not shared it -only with one or two who could understand.
I had an interaction with my husband yesterday that. Had me choosing to respect his integrity rather than strong arming him to do what I thought was right. He has heart disease, has cops, diabetes and has been experiencing cold symptoms sine the funeral when we had a meal with his nephew who had a cold. We had planned to go to church in Ottawa with our daughter, and in spite of the weather forecast we ventured out. 32 degrees F. Rain on the highway. I was fussing about turning back but my husband was undaunted. I went inside for the rest of the trip and was granted insight, that I was afraid we would crash and die, ultimately. In that hour, I came to the realization that yes, we could crash and die. So what? Sooner or later, yes. Why not today?

problem solved.

after mass we walking in freezing rain to a restaurant for soup. My dear husband did not wear the toughest I had brought for him  (hat) and just had a sweater and lightweight fleece jacket on. His lack of concern for appropriate warm clothing evoked anger in me, but I was not called to protect him. His integrity was more important than weather he would up in the hospital.
I just have to let life play itself out, and not do violence to people I love in hopes of fixing them.