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Posted by Adeline Behm on December 8, 2023 at 4:34 pm #139231

Today, a special day for Mary the Mother of Jesus, I am present  to a new sense of being that began as Advent began for me with an overwhelming experience of “explosion” as I gaze upon the image this week following a powerful dream. When my alarm went off  I was so present to profound joy!!!!, I prayed the Welcome prayer  to honor this experience. Watchfulness this Advent is being experienced more as a receiving, being present to wonder, awe, totally beyond any experience of joy/delight I have come to know. A particularly powerful dream at the beginning of the week, my ego self, the self I think I am, and a self that I am beginning to recognize as a  ME ,  – an explosion of wild emotion that my intellect cannot begin to understand and can only receive, perhaps akin to Mary’s YES post Pentecost. As a person often confounded by a capacity to see the wider picture before me, but not the details, this week ,figuring it out today bows into this wild explosion, as revealed in the image and my dreaming life. I can see more clearly the pathway to forgiveness, to receiving the gift of Advent 2023.