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Posted by Frank Pendola on December 10, 2023 at 10:03 am #139250

I notice as I persevere in practice that more and more freedom opens up before me.In Thomas’ writing on the Rosary he suggests experimenting with the Rosary…”  in  your own way, allowing what flows up from your heart before or after your Centering practice to be your guide.”

I see that only I myself in private prayer, or my prayer in secret, can do that “allowing.”

I feel this way about my private practice of Lectio Divina.I find that I want to the reading, reflecting, responding and resting in scripture before centering. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised that I’ve returned to journaling after Lectio and Centering.

Thomas reminds us here that ” moving beyond vocal prayers and beyond reflection when you feel the attraction to be still is the path to Contemplation.In my personal, private prayer only I can decide to feel and respond to that attraction, and I am free to do that!

I am so grateful for Thomas’ teaching and his great respect for our individual uniqueness, our personal choice and freedom in prayer. It is so refreshing!


Frank Pendola