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Posted by Adeline Behm on December 16, 2023 at 4:52 pm #139337

For someone who life has been marked by living into the “larger picture of life”, liminal womb time has been a struggle. This Advent 2023 time is not about “closing” week one, then week two…….I think Newell’s expression “liminal time between womb and birth, a time of recognizing and celebrating what is already here and always here the WHAT that births is being lived by me for which there aren’t any words just PRESENCE. My  sleeping time of symbolic dreams, my participation in the Wednesday group, the presentations offered through the yearly  SPIRITUAL WANDERLUST group, my chat with Rachel as she gives me a hair trim, listening/participating in the 5th-step of a thirty-five “womb time” of bruising, my walking/being walked with, with those of you who share here. In summary each breath ‘inhaling/exhaling” I am enveloped by the WHAT THAT BIRTHS . So as week two of Advent ends, I sit in this new aware ness that the border between closing and beginning, of womb and birth are blurring.

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