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Posted by Adeline Behm on February 2, 2024 at 9:04 pm #141793

I resisted responding to: Who do I say I am? Slowly by into Thursday there was an interior thaw or perhaps scales being removed from my eyes as I gazed into the left side of the image for this week. At age 20 at the time of a heart  wrenching crisis, I consciously left the answer to this the question to God. Consenting to the thaw, the descaling of my vision this week  I saw that all the hints I was giving God through the ensuing years isn’t the me of God’s desire for the real Adeline, me, the one called by my name. I was/am stalled in my tracks of being the one I think I am. What a relief! Resting in lectio Visio on the lop sided golden globe-like flame. The end of January I received my first birthday card for my up-coming February birthday with a big number on it. How did I arrive at this at one time thought of as an impossible number! Today’s Gospel reading(common) lectionary, of Simeon waiting so many years for the Messiah and boldly acknowledging the One long awaited for. What is my Simeon revelation today? I consent to the real shape/shaping of my inner longing  humbly/gratefully. I consent to embracing this now moment as it is, to this very real inner flame not of my choosing, but of my longing.