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Posted by Adeline Behm on February 14, 2024 at 6:25 pm #142006

Interestingly, the first decade of my life as does entering the current decade began with Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday on the same day. The image offered this week has drawn me this liminal space in tones of browns/oranges. The images of persons to the right represent my intervening decades, the observer, the curious one, the question asking one: “If you want to …. you can…?”, engaging in the response ” I want to, be clean”; rushing of into the decade connected by that brief touch of  eyes/hands. This week I keep returning to Visio/lectio- ing,  moving deeper in something abyss-like , being totally absorbed by,  Jesus bent over, eyeball to eyeball, his eyes penetrating mine, his enveloping hands covering mine, lingering. This enveloping abyss is totally opposite to the haunting abyss of despair; a lingering sh-sh-shush timeless moment.