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Posted by Thomas Lloyd on February 25, 2024 at 6:47 pm #142269

I guess of all the readings in scripture this would be one of the iconic ones for me when I think about the Contemplative Outreach community. For me it is always going up the mountain with Jesus, Peter, James and John. When Eileen and I visited the Holy Land many years ago, we actually climbed the very mountain. It was more like a hill. When we got to the top there was a beautiful chapel and a beautiful view from Mt. Tabor as you could see for miles around because the terrain was so flat. As we move up the mountain in silence every day and come to the top each has a different experience because God treats each of us differently. To some God gives more grace than others but to each of us God gives enough grace. I am grateful for the little grace I am given. It is enough! I know others are given more grace because they deserve it. And they will do more with it than me. God knows that for sure! So whether you have literally climbed Mt. Tabor as Eillen and I or whether you do it spiritually, it makes no difference to God. Jesus looks into our souls and acts accordingly. He always does what is good and perfect for each one of us. He does what is necessary to get us to Heaven. All we have to do is ask and accept His invitation to climb with Peter, James and John. And He leaves you wondering why He did not allow the Apostles to build the three tents.