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Posted by MarleneOSB on March 4, 2024 at 3:42 pm #142535

“…there is no need for agreement, just acceptance of what is.”  I’ve been learning this,  over and over, since I was a novice….and that’s many decades now!   This acceptance is really and simply surrender.

1)We have a God who loves us unconditionally,  and if that God has either willed, or permitted, a situation,  then my surrender is to say “yes”,  not necessarily in agreement,  but in acceptance.

2) “Change the direction you’re looking in for happiness”  (Thomas Keating)…does my true happiness really depend on this situation being the way I want it to be,  even the way it perhaps should be?

3) The letting-go of the Welcoming Prayer is a development of the letting go I experience in Centering Prayer.

4) In surrendering,  I may discover that I really didn’t see all the angles and aspects of the situation or the inner struggles of the people involved.

My surrender reminds me, over and over again, that there is but one God….and it’s not me.