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Posted by Adeline Behm on March 10, 2024 at 6:27 pm #142949

My journey with light/darkness began a long time a go, an experience with a persistent cat, days of morning fog. It was at this time John 8:12 became my companion scripture. Moving forward many years to yesterday, following several of the hours of  United in Prayer Day March 8-9. One of the groups led us into and through an embodied Welcome Prayer experience. The Welcome Prayer has become a faithful and significant companion for me. Usually I pray the Welcoming Prayer when something particular has been triggered. During the embodied prayer experience it was like I was in freefall stirring up debris in my unconscious self through layer upon layer down into the crusty depths. In this whirlwind experience there was this luminescent presence, dancing,  irrupting into a joyful recognition, awareness, affirmation at each pause of letting go of security, approval, power and embracing the moment just as it is. A luminescent presence of one-ness! I have been experience significant fluidity between the unconscious, semi-conscious and conscious part of myself these last years. I am deeply grateful for this guided experience, something one can’t do for oneself. I am wondering, well really hoping that Contemplative Outreach might make available some of these guided experiences.

I am deeply grateful to Contemplative Outreach for organizing this kind of event, such a massive undertaking! One group led us in a Visio Divina of block by block of persons gathered in experiencing a  ” global unity of silence as God’s first language”.