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Posted by Adeline Behm on April 6, 2024 at 8:32 pm #143620

This Triduum is a defining moment in my life…”to die daily to ‘what is below’ by going down in and through the acquire egoic programs and choose instead a new way of being…” This year I have been connecting with the unconscious self of my childhood. Good Friday I found myself weeping profoundly as my child self in the arms of the Indwelling Spirit, my powerless child self when I could not but feel deeply powerlessness, hopelessness, not enough, a pre-self pity awareness. Through the powerful liturgies I let myself be totally absorbed moving through the experience of “Jesus into the Christ”. Much is wordless surrender perhaps” lived from “our (my) Christ-nature of divine light and love”? Much “Welcome Prayer-ing  ” accompanied my experience this Triduum. Two nights ago during my dreaming self reality I kept backing up my car, redoing it, checking can I do this without hitting a car. This is an apt image of my tumbling into humble compassion toward those with whom I am encountering as we make a wise decision discernment, for something new to happen without my future presence only as BLESSING. (a ROCK TUMLER KIND OF CONSENTING.)