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Posted by Adeline Behm on May 11, 2024 at 7:52 pm #144471

Transformation happens in relationship – relationship to God, to one’s embodied self, to creation and to the family of God. That includes those that delight us and those that irritate us – who literally rub against our acquired programs for happiness.

Dreams have a way of pointing me in the direction of healing. We began a discernment September 2022 and we will be able to put a period and begin a new era In the first months of discernment, one person rubbed me the wrong way and discontinued being part of the discernment. She turns up in my  remembered dream. She makes a big bunch of my hair over my head and cuts my hair under her hand. Wow! no one has ever cut my hair like that before and its turned out rather different but okay.  My spirit is totally at peace during this dream time. In Jungian language cutting hair signifies creating order in one’s life. That it is this specific person signifies  letting go of not liking myself, the persona I have created for myself. This is one of the most profound discernments I have ever been part off.

Interestingly what you shared Linda, finds a deep place within me .

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