Sunday May 14: Joyful Embodiment of The Holy Spirit

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  • Sunday May 14: Joyful Embodiment of The Holy Spirit
    • Posted by pbegeman on May 12, 2023 at 6:15 pm #135171

      To Practice

      • Experiment with using this very simple four-gesture body prayer based on St. Julian of Norwich’s teachings as a vestibule before or after your daily Centering Prayer sessions. The Body Prayer  (about three minutes).
      • Building on the short meditation you did last week from Vivek Murthy’s recorded meditation on remembering the love you have felt from others, take a few minutes to re-member the love you feel comes from the Divine. Take time to explore how this feels throughout your body; perhaps it is felt in a physical sensation, a memory, an inclination, an energy. You might use this as a sacred sensation (symbol) in your Centering Prayer practice this week. As you go about your days, can you return to the wish to feel God’s love in the moment? You may enjoy journaling, drawing or painting your experience from this practice.

      You may re-read the full email reflection here:

    • Posted by Susan Kenney on May 17, 2023 at 11:07 pm #135237

      “Perfect love has taken possession of her.”  Oh my. I am not ready for this. To be on fire. To be the fire. To lose myself. No. I hang on. Tight. So much energy in this resistance. Is it pride?  Is it independence. Or – could it be fear?

    • Posted by linda rhead on May 18, 2023 at 7:23 pm #135254

      My centering prayer consent to God’s presence and action in me is my return to my desire to feel God’s love in the moment, not only in prayer moments; all moments outside prayer are included. The energy I sense in my body of God’s love brings clarity to my thoughts, peace (deep stillness) in my abdomen and joy in my heart. These moments of prayer help me cope with many moments when others require my full attention. Like Brother Lawrence, I give myself fully to the duty at hand and return to the practice of the presence of God when completed. Returning to God’s love in the moment keeps me whole. <3 linda

    • Posted by Adeline Behm on May 20, 2023 at 6:41 pm #135308

      Some time after listening for the first time to the excerpt from “The Mirrow of Simple Souls”,  in one of those in between times going from one activity after another, I was suddenly overwhelmed with  joy: ‘there is nothing I can do to change God in any way ‘. It was one of those profound wordless experiences, like an affirmation, perhaps answer to a quest I have been following for forever. Later, perhaps the next day, a niggling pondering set in, the kind you just do, the not planned kind, ‘why was this so profound’? Lately I have been intentionally focusing a deep desire of genuinely wanting the best for a number of people in my life, you know those who can unexpected push my  buttons. I think by Thursday I knew in the  marrow of my bones, that early in this week the “burning ” experience was pointing me to the voice of reason of my ego self that can blind me in my desire to truly wish the best for those others in my life.

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