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Going Inside – Learning to Teach Contemplative Prayer to the Imprisoned

In Going Inside (the companion volume to his Finding God Within) Ray Leonardini offers a practical manual for all those who are engaged, or are thinking of becoming engaged, with contemplative (or centering) prayer in prison.


Embracing Living: The Welcoming Prayer

Learn, deepen or renew your practice of this practical and profound prayer with this online retreat. The Welcoming Prayer is a method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. If Centering Prayer is practiced for one hour of the day, the Welcoming Prayer is for the other 23 hours. It is a "letting go" in the present moment, in the midst of the activity of ordinary life.

Welcoming Prayer
Centering Prayer: A Way of Life DVD

Fr. Carl J. Arico reviews the four guidelines of Centering Prayer as a meditation on how these guidelines teach us to live and be as contemplatives in the world.  The videos are filmed at the retreat house at St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.


Prayer Vigil

24-hour Silent Prayer Vigil
March 16-17, 201

Dedicated to Healing Violence

Instructions below.
All are Welcome.

"Contemplation hastens the evolution of the human species.
Whoever finds this out and practices it
will hasten the evolutionary future
of the human family."

- Thomas Keating, Reflections on the Unknowable

Centering Prayer
Gift of Life Segment: Mystery of God

This 17 minute segment from The Gift of Life series features Fr. Thomas Keating exploring our capacity for knowing God through relationship – a relationship that evolves and changes as we move through various phases of the spiritual journey.


Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude: Free Videos

Contemplative Outreach offers these free online videos for your enjoyment and spiritual enrichment.  The videos are all available for free download.

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The One Who Loves Us by Kess Frey

This far-ranging book, by Kess Frey, presents God, the Ultimate Mystery of non-created Reality, as Christ—the One Who loves us.


formerly called Centering Prayer Program



A distillation of over seventy years as a monastic and more than three decades of writing on centering prayer is Thomas Keating’s latest volume on how we might develop our intimacy with God and our experiences on the Christian contemplative tradition. 


Centering Prayer Mobile App

The free Contemplative Outreach app for Centering Prayer is now available for iPhones and iPads (iOS 7+) and Android phones.  Spanish-language versions are also available.

Centering Prayer
Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence DVD

Photographer and author Peter C. Jones makes a noteworthy debut with his reflective portrait of his uncle, Father Thomas Keating, one of today's most influential living spiritual leaders. Interweaving historical footage, biographical documentation, interviews with friends and colleagues, and extensive conversations with Father Keating himself, the film traces a fascinating personal and spiritual life.


Brother Patrick in Life and Death

Gifts for Living

The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living DVD set offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that counter the cultural norms that view death as a tragedy, or the end of living, or an entry into harsh judgment and retribution. These videos are out-takes from the video series and presented here for your enrichment. A new video will be presented every Monday.

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English Transcript: 

Br. Patrick who was sort of famous in the community for continuous vocal prayer began to simplify it down to a special method that he seemed to have which was to keep repeating the words over and over again on which he built his permanent and deepening communion with God. We have a picture of him sitting in a chair; his lungs kind of gave out; and he certainly was perfectly happy and you can see that his lips are still moving. He never stopped praying. In the earlier years, he used to milk the cows at 3 o’clock in the morning with a barn that had no heat and no way of getting rid of the manure except through a hole in the floor and the novices, of whom I was one, were assigned to shovel the stuff out in the Spring and spread it on the field. Anyway, he was in there praying: ‘Hail Mary, Hail Mary, full of grace, full of grace, blessed are you, blessed are you, among women, women, women, women …’  At this point, the novice rushed out and went to the abbot and said, ‘I think Br. Patrick is having trouble with temptations!’ And the abbot had to reassure him that this was a special form of prayer that Br. Patrick had developed.

In actual death, he was just doing what he always did. But in the course of his long life he had, I’m sure, reached that stage that being here or there was the same thing.


Spanish Transcript: 

El hermano Patrick en la Vida y en la Muerte

El hermano Patrick, que era algo famoso en la comunidad por la oración vocal continua comenzó a simplificarla según un método especial que el parecía tener que consistía en seguir repitiendo las palabras una y otra vez, y así construía su permanente y cada vez más profunda comunión con Dios. Tenemos una foto de él sentado en una silla, sus pulmones parecían haber cedido, y ciertamente el estaba perfectamente feliz y se podía ver que sus labios aun se seguían moviendo. El nunca dejo de orar. En los primeros años, solía ordeñar las vacas a las 3 de la mañana en un granero que no tenia calefacción y en el no había forma de deshacerse del estiércol, excepto a través de un agujero en el suelo y los novicios, de los cuales yo era uno, se nos había encomendado palear el material en la primavera y extenderlo sobre el campo. De todos modos, el estaba allí orando:”Dios te salve María, Dios te salve María, llena de gracia, llena de gracia, bendita seas, bendita tu ere entre las mujeres, mujeres, mujeres, mujeres…” En este punto, un novicio salió corriendo y se dirigió al abad y le dijo: ¡Creo que el hermano Patrick está teniendo problemas con las tentaciones! Y el abad tuvo que asegurarle que se trataba de una forma especial de oración que el hermano Patrick había desarrollado.

En el momento de su muerte, él simplemente estuvo haciendo lo que siempre había hecho. Pero en el curso de su larga vida estoy seguro que alcanzó esa etapa donde estar aquí o allá son la misma cosa.

Gift of Life

Gifts for Living Introduction

Gifts for Living

Introduction by Fr. Carl Arico

During four days of filming in December 2010, Fr. Thomas Keating sat with Fr. Carl Arico, his long-time friend, colleague, and founding member of Contemplative Outreach in an intimate conversation focused on the transformative process of death and dying as part of, rather than the end of, life’s journey. The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that counter the cultural norms that view death as a tragedy, or the end of living, or an entry into harsh judgment and retribution.

English Transcript: 

These last two years I hope you’ve been enjoying the series The Habit of Heartfulness which were selected pieces that were not used in the creation of Heartfulness, the series itself.

Well, we have another wonderful gift for you – Gifts for Living, taken from materials that were not used in our new series called: The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living. Gifts for Living will begin next week and it’s our gift to you for all your support and all your prayers. Blessings.


Spanish Transcript: 

Regalos para Vivir

Durante los últimos dos años, espero que ustedes hayan estado disfrutando de la serie El Hábito de Vivir con todo el Corazón, que fueron selecciones que no se usaron en la creación de la serie Con Todo el Corazón.

Bueno, ahora les ofrecemos otro regalo maravilloso – Regalos para Vivir, tomado del material que no se usó en nuestra nueva serie llamada El Don de la Vida: Muerte & Morir,Vida & y Vivir,  comenzará la próxima semana y es nuestro regalo en agradecimiento por todo su apoyo y oraciones. Bendiciones