General Tips for Using Zoom

These tips are here to help you get over the technology hurdle so you can see for yourself how this platform facilitates prayer groups, community connection and wisdom-sharing.

  • Using a device with a larger screen is recommended for the best experience (laptop, desktop, tablet).

  • Open a free personal Zoom video account by visiting
  • If you are using a smartphone, or any iOS platform (like an iPad), you will need to download the Zoom app. Here are some special tips for iOS users and Zoom.  
  • You may wish to test your audio and video by opening up Zoom, click on Settings and click on the Audio and Video tabs to ensure your system is working properly.
  • During the global Zoom Conference with Cynthia Bourgeault, we will be using the webinar feature of Zoom, which means that you will see and hear the speakers, but not each other.  You will be able to submit questions to Cynthia via the chat feature.

The Meditation Chapel:  If you would like additional opportunities to support your Centering Prayer practice and spiritual journey, there are Centering Prayer groups meeting on this Zoom-enabled platform.  All groups are open to all. Read more about the groups on The Meditation Chapel here.




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