Governing Board of Contemplative Outreach

The Governing Board of Contemplative Outreach is humbly entrusted with keeping the vision and mission of Contemplative Outreach as guided by the Holy Spirit. It seeks to uphold the spiritual and service aspects of Contemplative Outreach in harmony with the Contemplative Outreach Vision, Theological Principles and Guidelines for Contemplative Outreach Service.

The Governing Board fulfills this purpose through careful consideration of topics that affect the community of Contemplative Outreach and aims to make its decisions with prayerful discernment and consensus. It serves with the assistance of the Administrator. The Governing Board meets in-person three times per year and twice monthly on teleconferences.  Beginning January 2018, minutes of these meetings are available upon request.

If you wish to be in touch with the Governing Board, which actively seeks input, please direct your inquiries to the Contemplative Outreach Resource Center at with 
subject line "Governing Board" or call 973.838.3384. Or you may contact any one of the board members individually using their contact information below.

From left to right: Gilberto Walker, who serves Cuba; Pat Johnson, Administrator; Kathy di Fede, Jenny Adamson, Julie Saad, Nick Cole, Maru Ladron de Guevara, Thomas Hall.


Jenny Adamson

Jenny Adamson has practiced Centering Prayer since 2000 and served as a prayer group facilitator and a chapter coordinator in Iowa. She has been part of the 12-Step Outreach Leadership team since 2005. She has served on the Presenter Formation Service team for the last four years.  She also has served intensive and post-intensive retreats in the Midwest, at Snowmass, in Ireland and in Iceland. She and her husband moved to Carbondale, Colorado five years ago where she has recently become the chapter coordinator for Snowmass.


Nick Cole, facilitator

Nick is a retired ophthalmologist who has practiced Centering Prayer since 1990. He has served retreats at Snowmass, Colorado, since 1993. Nick met his wife Carolyn at a post-intensive retreat at Snowmass in 2004. They live in Rogers, Arkansas, and Carbondale, Colorado, and experience golf as a spiritual practice.



Maru Ladron de Guevara

Maru was born and raised in Mexico City and now lives in Florida. She has served Contemplative Outreach and Extension Contemplativa Internacional in areas of pastoral care, spiritual direction and as a presenter.  She has also served as an interpreter for Fr. Keating. She facilitates intensive and post-intensive Centering Prayer retreats in North, Central and South America.



Kathy Di Fede

Kathy has been practicing Centering Prayer since 1990. She is a commissioned Presenter of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina and the coordinator of Contemplative Outreach of San Diego. She lives in Lakeside (San Diego County) California with her husband Tony. They have five grown children and four grandchildren.


Thomas Hall, co-facilitator

Thomas is a longtime practitioner of Centering Prayer. He and his wife, Colleen, were commissioned as presenters during the first training course in 1989.  He and Colleen live in Wimberley, Texas.  Their four adult children are happily launched.


Adal Henriquez

Adal Henriquez is a semi-retired physician specializing in internal medicine who now travels the country serving in areas in need of doctors. This has been a great opportunity to start contemplative prayer groups in the areas where he temporarily works. He is married with three children and two grandchildren with another one on its way.

His contemplative life started in 1988, and he has served the Contemplative Outreach community as a facilitator, as a presenter of workshops and retreats, as faculty and board member, and together with Mercedes Scopetta, Carmen Sanchez, and Ilse Reissner, started Extension Contemplativa Internacional (ECI) in 1998. He continues to serve both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic contemplative communities in the USA and abroad.


Julie Saad


Julie Saad has been involved with Contemplative Outreach in Denver since 1994. She has served as the coordinator of the Center for Contemplative Living in Denver and is on the board of Contemplative Outreach of Colorado. She is the Lectio Divina Service Team leader and the coordinator of the Contemplative Living Experience, Denver’s version of the Nine-Month Course. Everyone in the Denver community knows her standard poodle, Madison, who used to come to work with her at the Center every day. Last year Julie and Madison rescued Joey, a boxer puppy (or more likely, Joey rescued them!).