Governing Board Intentions



  • Live and share the Prayer: Focus on living and sharing the practice of Centering Prayer, while also sharing other contemplative prayer practices including Lectio Divina and the Welcoming Prayer. Broaden outreach efforts to make these practices more available to all, especially those with limited means, for example, veterans, prisoners, and youth.
  • Contemplative Service: Knowing that contemplation leads to service, we strive to recognize and cultivate gifts of service in individuals in our communities by inviting them to trainings, retreats and further growth
  • Evolving Spirituality: Endeavor to be awake to the gifts of maturation in our contemplative communities, and the new directions and implications they may invite.


  • Communication Channels: Recognizing the high priority of communication in the vital functioning of Contemplative Outreach, commit to using all available communication channels.
  • International Conference: Hold International Conferences periodically to bring together the Contemplative Outreach community, encouraging open communication, discussion of ideas, and sharing of the Contemplative Outreach vision.
  • Listen and Respond:  Initiate dialogue, listen deeply and respond to the emerging needs of the Contemplative Outreach community, including providing financial support.


  • Transparency:  Commit to transparency and openness on all levels, respecting all insights and information as vital and available to the entire organism.
  • Trust:  Commit to supporting a culture of radical, invincible trust.
  • Financial Openness:  Ensure financial transparency to the Contemplative Outreach organism.


  • Contemplative Community:  Continue to support the transformation from a corporate structure to an evolving, expanding, interactive contemplative community.
  • Evolutionary Purpose: Continue to foster ongoing awareness of evolutionary purpose in our organism via The Voice, Bulletins, Newsletter, in the ways that we serve, and in our conversations.
  • Collaboration and Empowerment:  In evolving to a broad-based contemplative structure, led by the Holy Spirit and serving the needs of all members, respect and cultivate the principles of collaboration, self-management, wholeness and empowerment.
  • Resilience: Balancing stability with the evolving needs of the organism requires a recognition of dis-equilibrium as necessary for growth.
  • Accountability: Cultivate a culture of self-correction and mutual accountability in a climate of respect for our common purpose among our staff, volunteers and contemplative community.
  • Volunteer Community:  Invite and encourage involvement of volunteers (and minimize the hiring of paid staff as much as possible and reasonable). Improve consultation, support, and appreciation of volunteers, since Contemplative Outreach is a global community served by and serving volunteers.
  • Simplicity: In supporting the needs of the Contemplative Outreach community, we avoid unnecessary complexity. We strive for simplicity in communication, programs, resources and finances
  • Self-Sustaining Activities:  Assist and support chapters and local groups in their efforts to be self-sustaining.
  • Improve and cultivate trust and a mutually transparent and collaborative relationship with and among paid staff.
  • Board Meetings:  Hold three face-to-face meetings, in addition to regular conference calls via Zoom.
  • Continue to promote and invite interaction and conversation in all dimensions and branches of our community and environment.


  • Resources:  Support the Contemplative Outreach community with resources, activities and programs that are accessible, affordable, and available.
  • Chapter Support:  Ensure that Contemplative Outreach Service Teams and chapter volunteers receive the resources needed (financial and personal support) to share the practices and support the needs of chapters.
  • Global:  Support international growth and development in a real and concrete way, including financial investment, recognizing that growth in Centering Prayer and contemplative practices in new locations is a genuine fruit of the divine economy.
  • Investment:  Seek ways to invest responsibly in Contemplative Outreach growth, partnering, and support.
  • Research: Support scientific research into contemplative prayer practices.


  • Dialogue and Partnering:  Support the reaching out to other contemplative groups for dialogue and potential partnering.
  • Consider offering donations to Contemplative Partners and to support initiatives that serve the poor and disadvantaged as part of our culture and identity.
  • Inter-spiritual Dialogue:  Similarly, become aware of ways to participate in inter-spiritual dialogue.  Seek out opportunities to sponsor or partner with inter-spiritual contemplative groups.

We invite you to share your thoughts and to join us in holding ourselves and each other accountable.

In Christ’s Love and Peace,

Your Governing Board