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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

20 Minute Meditation Timer CD, 2 track Gregorian Chant and Lute

20-Minute Meditation Timer CD- 2-track Gregorian Chant and Lute

20-Minute Meditation Timer CD-2 Track.  Gregorian Chant or Lute  CD begins with music fades away to silence for 20 minutes then music returns


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Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer, Paperback

Contains over 100 selections of several of Keating's significant works, including  Open Mind, Open Heart paperbac

Jerusalen, Spanish Chant 20 Minute Meditation Timer, CD

20 minutes of Spanish chant music

3-Track 20-Minute Meditation Timer- A Selection of Contemporary Music for (timin

3-Track Meditation timer CD. Contemporary Contemplative Music.  Music begins, fades away for 20 minutes and returns to time Centering Prayer period. Three different selections. Produced by Contemplative Outreach of Birmingham, Alabama.

Doorway to Devotion, CD

Contemplative Entry into Christian Prayer. Chanting has long had its roots in the monastic communities throughout the Christian world.