Community: Oneness in Contemplation, a 40-Day Praxis


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“A community of faith offers the support of example, correction and mutual concern in the spiritual journey.  Above all … silent prayer binds the community in a common search for transformation and union with God.  The presence of Christ is ministered to each other and becomes tangible in the community.”
-Thomas Keating

This booklet, part of the Contemplative Life Program (CLP) series, is based on over 30 years experience of an evolving global community and various theological principles of Centering Prayer, primarily that the practice is ecclesial in its effects, building communities of faith. The flow of booklet begins from the experience of Oneness arising out of our daily practice and then moves to the experience of Oneness through Communion; to the experience of the mystical Body of Christ; to the Communion of Saints; to Oneness with All That Is a manifestation of the Trinitarian experience. Voices of the Contemplative Outreach community are interspersed with writings from Fr. Thomas Keating and organized in a 40-day format with daily practice suggestions.

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