Facilitator Formation Online Level 1 Workshop


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This is a digital, online, self-guided training program for local Contemplative Outreach chapters and persons interested in facilitating Centering Prayer support groups.  This program consists of the following components:

– How to Use Facilitator Training Level 1 Workshop Materials Word document
– The Facilitator Handbook PDF document 
– 10 online video segments

Price:  $55

The purpose of this workshop is to empower local chapters to hold their own facilitator formation workshops for members who have a very strong commitment to the practice of Centering Prayer.

This workshop may be also used as a self-study by one individual. When used individually, it is recommended that the participant work with a mentor to discuss their questions and share their exercises.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of your commitment to the practice. Everything worthwhile we do as facilitators springs from the prayer.

This Level 1 workshop consists of ten sessions organized around three topics.  The topics address the fundamentals of facilitating a Centering Prayer group:

– the spirituality of facilitating a Centering Prayer group;
– the basics of facilitating a Centering Prayer group;
– and the Facilitator Handbook. 

As such, it is applicable to both experienced facilitators and to people interested in starting a Centering Prayer group.  The emphasis is on the application of the topics to the Centering Prayer group experience: what actually happens in a group and in our lives.

Each session is followed by a recommended period of small group discussion to dig deeper into some aspect of the material presented. These sessions involve both small and large group discussion. Some of the sessions include handouts that may be useful in facilitating a Centering Prayer group.

One of the benefits of this program is the flexibility in formats for groups. You will be the best judge of what agenda is best for your group. A listing of the duration of each session is included to help you plan your own agenda. A suggested agenda for a one-day workshop is also included. The Facilitator Formation Level 1 workshop can also be held as a weekend-long retreat/workshop by including more Centering Prayer periods, time for reflection, and by expanding the small group exercises and the large group discussions. The workshop can also be offered as a series of half-day workshops over a period of weeks.

You are encouraged to customize this workshop to your needs to the fullest extent possible, including coming up with your own exercises and large group discussion topics.