Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ DVD Set


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with Thomas Keating
and Betty Sue Flowers


3-DVD Set with guidebook (146 pages) and 10 reflection cards.
DVDs are subtitled in English & Spanish.

Heartfulness: Transformation in Christ condenses the accumulated wisdom of Fr. Thomas Keating’s many years of teaching and practice into nine essential areas for study, reflection and spiritual growth for our time. The interviewer, Betty Sue Flowers, draws out of Fr. Thomas the importance of silence and contemplative practice as a means of opening the mind and heart and one’s whole being to God, or the Ultimate Reality.

Captured over a two-day period and in nine hours of interview sessions, Fr. Thomas guides the listener toward an understanding of the contemplative dimension of the Gospel and its extraordinary implications and applications for personal freedom and global peace. He explains that the inherent human quest for happiness is itself the greatest proof of God’s existence.

. . . we are called by God, to open to a new reality that is our true Self … the image and likeness of God. The path to this true Self and all its fruits and gifts is the challenge of becoming fully human. And to become fully human is to become fully divine. This is the fullness of life itself, a life abiding in the grace and truth of Christ, while at the same time, fully being the unique person you are.

Introduction by Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, 4 min.
Segment 1 The Pursuit of Happiness, 23 min.
Segment 2 The Human Condition, 21 min.
Segment 3 Centering Prayer, 19 min

Segment 4 Sin, 17 min.
Segment 5 Suffering, 21 min.
Segment 6 Redemption, 15 min.

Segment 7 Love and the Trinity, 21 min.
Segment 8 Divine Indwelling, 22 min.
Segment 9 Divine Transformation, 18 min.

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