Invitation from God, DVD and Booklet

Invitation from God, DVD and Booklet

A wonderful introduction to the subject of contemplation and the spiritual journey and its implications for personal and global freedom. It could also serve as the enrichment in a retreat or for prayer groups. Danish film director, Marie Louise Lefevre interviewed Fr. Thomas Keating in 2006 and what resulted was a spiritually enriching and stunningly beautiful film. The conversation between the director and Fr. Thomas and the beauty of the film's images serve to express what the contemplative life is about.

  • -Introduction by Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler,  4 min.
  • -Invitation from God (main segment),  29 min.

There are eight more selected conversations which total 90 minutes.

  • - The Five Levels of Consciousness,   8 min.
  • - Lectio Divina – Spiritual Reading of Scripture,  10 min.
  • - Centering Prayer,  14 min.
  • - Prayer in Secret – Matthew 6:6,  8 min
  • - Centering Prayer and Divine Therapy,  6 min
  • - The Spiral Staircase and The Paschal Mystery,  14 min
  • - The Great Banquet:  All are Invited, 16 min
  • - Inter-Religious Dialogue and The Concept of God,  17 min

With 19 page booklet.