The Practices That Bring The Fruits of Centering Prayer Into Daily Life online video


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There are many practices that help translate the effects of Centering Prayer into daily life. Four of these practices – Attention/intention; Lectio Divina; The Prayer of Forgiveness and The Welcoming Prayer – are included in this set of 5 videos.
Set Includes:

  • Contemplative Service: Intention/Attention Practice with David Frenette, 34 min.
  • Lectio Divina Practice with Fr. Carl Arico, 32 min.
  • The Prayer of Forgiveness with Sr. Bernadette Teasdale, 32 min.
  • The Human Condition with Sr. Bernadette Teasdale, 23 min.
  • The Welcoming Prayer Practice with Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, 33 min. (Note:  The Welcoming Prayer practice and teachings have been updated since this series was published.  For the most recent Welcoming Prayer practice, please see the Welcoming Prayer praxis booklet).

Also available on CD, DVD, and MP3 download.