Herein you'll find spiritual enrichment and resources for new and existing practitioners and those interested in the teachings of Fr.Thomas Keating.  

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Application Letter for Nine Month Course
Binary Data

Az Odaadás Imája, Centering Prayer Brochure, Hungarian translation

Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina

Centering Prayer and the Carmelite Contemplative Tradition

Centering Prayer And The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Centering Prayer Baen samlpykkisins, Centering Prayer Brochure, Icelandic translation

Centering Prayer Brochure, Czechia translation

Centering Prayer Brochure, Korean translation

Centering Prayer Brochure, Maltese translation

Centering Prayer Brochure, Mandarin Chinese translation


Letting Go of the Self-Made Self
A Great Presence Arises
God and the New Science
The Challenge of Servant Leadership
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