Herein you'll find spiritual enrichment and resources for new and existing practitioners and those interested in the teachings of Fr.Thomas Keating.  

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GB minutes 8-6-2019

GB minutes 9-3-2019

Guide to Contemplative Outreach Resource Materials
Binary Data

Guidelines for Forming Centering Prayer Group

Guidelines for Hosting a Centering Prayer Introductory Program

Il Metodo della Centering Prayer, Centering Prayer Brochure, Italian translation

International Conference 2019 Handout - 12th Principle of the Vision

La methode de la priere de consentement, Centering Prayer Brochure, French translation

Lectio Divina Brochure


Letting Go of the Self-Made Self
A Great Presence Arises
God and the New Science
The Challenge of Servant Leadership
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