Seeking Podcast Manager


We are seeking administrative support for our “Opening Minds, Opening Hearts” podcast. You would be part of the team that helps bring each podcast episode to the world. This position is paid, part-time, flexible and can be done from anywhere. It involves managing the details and flow of podcast production. Helpful skills and background include a practice of Centering Prayer and a general familiarity with the contemplative landscape; project, budget and team management; clear communication, creative writing, and editing ability; a general understanding of podcast offerings; creative, conceptual and strategic thinking; familiarity with Google Drive file sharing, spreadsheets and general office technology. The podcast manager would work closely with the two co-hosts, the professional podcast production company, and social media and communications staff. The commitment would be seasonal and intermittent, i.e., there is greater and lesser time commitments and stretches where no work and attention are required.

If you are interested, please contact Colleen Thomas at 

Position details:

• Explore and conceptualize theme ideas and length of season (# of episodes)
• Write/edit episode season trailer
• Write and submit updates for webpage for the new season; send to web developer
• Develop wishlist of podcast guests for the season based on theme
• Ongoing networking and relationship building with partner groups and new friends
• Collect & submit guests names, bios, and contact info for producers in Asana
• Facilitate recoding availability of co-hosts and guests and submit to producers
• Review & submit notes on edited episode (audio recording)
• Review & submit notes on episode transcript
• Coordinate with videographer for YouTube episode uploads
• Update episode page with all assets & coordinate publishing with web developer
• Review and disseminate analytics from Spreaker and YouTube
• Coordinate episode graphics to Matt for social media posts
• Send thank you notes to guests as episodes drop
• Review and submit annual budget
• Track and review invoices for consultants, contractors and products
• Regular monitoring of communication tools (Asana, Slack, Google Drive…)
• Review social media posts and respond when appropriate
• Track donations and include in reports
• Monthly check-in meetings with producer and co-hosts
• With the support of communications manager, develop and execute advertising campaign in addition to COL-specific and socials