For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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تحميل العاب للكمبيوتر 2020 بروابط مباشره، العاب حرب والعاب سباق والعاب كرة قدم والعاب مغامرات وغيرها من العاب الكمبيوتر المسليه جاهزه للتحميل بشكل مجاني ..نزيل العاب للحاسوب القديمة والحديثه سواء تحميل العاب سيارات والعاب الاكشن والقتال والعاب خفيفة والعاب المغامرات. https:... Read moreنموذج-عقد/نموذج-استقالة/1454/نموذج-عقد/نموذج-عقد-عمل/941/
Gott ist Geist. Danke, Father Thomas, für Ihr Sein.
I met Father Keating and M. Basil Pennington at a weekend retreat held in Spenser, MA. Our Harvard Divinity School class on meditation, led by Harvey Cox, had to read Morton’s work, Contemplative Prayer and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpches book on Spiritual Materialism. We spent a weekend retreat steeped in both traditions and then had to write a paper on which tradiron we embraced as a life practice and why. Over 40 years later, I am still practicing Centering Prayer, using the Centering Prayer App a... Read more
Though I had never met Fr. Thomas in person, his teachings on centering prayer as a method of prayer was a great turning point in my life and quite literally saved my sanity beginning in 2005. The Lord had led me on a path where I could no longer pray with words and had no desire for them; though I also experienced deep intimacy. I did not understand what was happening and at times would rest in the quiet of deep inner pray without words and at other times be deeply afraid that something was m... Read more
P.S. My location is Sedalia, Colorado
I am on retreat this weekend and picked up your book “Awakenings” from the retreat house library. This book is very insightful and bringing me to better understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. While at dinner tonight, another retreatant mentioned to me that you had recently passed on to be with Our Father. God rest your soul. You have left a legacy of beauty and truth behind. Thank you for lighting the path a little brighter for us to follow.
In gratitude for the life and teachings of Thomas Keating: Contemplation In the gentle Silence of empty space, in confidence, in contentment, and with the freedom of forgiveness, "There", I behold the Sacred. With courage and simple joy, in effortless solidarity, "There" I behold the Holy. "There", my awareness awakens: a glimpse, a mini transformation, a momentary glance of Goodness. And yet, fragmenting filters in with life's living, it'... Read more