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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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I send my love and heartfelt prayers. I am so grateful for everything Fr Thomas has instilled in me. I shall miss him but I am assured he is now resting in the peace of Christ. Kathy
My deepest and heartfelt gratitude for the life you devoted yourself to. I appreciate all your teachings and wisdoms. I know I have by become closer to God's presence because of you and I will be forever eternally grateful.
Just last spring I was introduced to Contemplative Prayer and the teachings Friar Thomas Keating at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT. It has opened a beautiful new chapter in my life. He left a very special blessing in a very troubled world for myself and the entire world. I am grateful.
From a remote student in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am honored to write this summary. I was first introduced to Fr. Keating at the Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey where I stayed for 2 years. They had a whole set of video tapes from Fr. Keating. I was instantly amazed at how much truth was in the first and subsequent tapes. It really hit home and as I went through each tape with Brother Dennis, I realized how much I would be learning about myself, my childhood, and most important... Read more
Fr. Keating was truly a spiritmaster and spiritual director to so many through his books, tapes and conferences, and Centering Prayer has truly changed my life over the past 20 years. The first time I met Fr. Thomas I was nervous and excited, he quickly calmed my anxiety and crystallized all I had read. I will never forget his down to earth presence and aura, truly he was a gift sent by the Creator to show us the way.
Fr Keating Thankyou ,Thankyou , Thankyou. I will continue to visit, with you through your writings.
Thank you, Father Thomas for being lovingly around with us all. Although you’ve passed onto the other side, beyond the veil, you are still with us extending Love and Compassion at the side of Jeshua and it’s not a metaphor. Your smile, peace, joy and understanding embraced and soothed all those seeking real answers. I’ve been one of them and I am so grateful to you, my brother and teacher, for your service that always stirred hope, joy, love and truth. I see your beautiful face beaming wit... Read more
It wasn’t until the early 2000s that I learned about centering prayer. Prior to that in the 1980s I spent time at Holden Village, the Lutheran retreat center in Washington state where I Wanted to learn more about And practice contemplative prayer. I learned about the Jesus prayer. I struggled in the 90s to find a “form” of quiet prayer that would stick. I walked labyrinths. Eventually I spent a private retreat at St Meinrads, then Sisters of St Benedict of Ferdinand in Southern Indiana... Read more
On my way to discovering my "true self," a wonderful professor of mine from Kent State University, Jeff Wattles, recommended that I take a look at the Contemplative Outreach site on my computer. Father Thomas Keating helped me find my place on a once very crooked road of life. "Open Heart Open Mind, " opened the door to a soul that had been hidden from me for many years (looking deeper and deeper into my soul) as Padre Pio wrote . Having been severely mentally ill, since 8th grade grammar sch... Read more
Liberty, South Carolina Father Thomas began to influence my life in 2001 when I wrote to him about my difficulties in reconciling the Christian religion with the perspectives that arose from the philosophy and experiences of nondualism. With his usual grace and candor, he was able to address my every question and it became very apparent that he was comfortable conversing at every level and had clearly experienced and explored the subtlest and most profound levels of consciousness. Over... Read more