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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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Many yrs ago....just out of seminary,I went to hear Fr Thomas Keating speak on prayer at St Marks Cathedral in Seattle....I didnt know what to expect ....Fr Thomas talked about contemplative prayer.....which caused me great frustration. I went to him after his lecture and voiced my frustration....he smiled at me and said "you are right where you are suppose to be" response Im not....that why I'm here find out how to pray. Fr Thomas smiled and said "Timothy, you are right w... Read more
Dear Father Thomas, When I discovered "Open Mind, Open Heart," I was recovering from many long months of tragic deaths in my family, leaving me with anger and resentment against God since everyone looked to me for strength. No longer speaking to God, I kept my prayer time faithful but in stubborn silence, refusing even to think. Then I found your book and discovered that I had experienced it all. The rest is history: c.p. retreats, presenter training, meetings, prayer groups, travels, jai... Read more
Like others who never met Fr. Thomas personally, I feel as though I knew him because of his unforgettable voice on recordings and the wisdom of his writings. I'm especially remembering and giving thanks for the times when Mennonites and Catholics in northern Indiana met to listen to his recorded teachings and then practice centering prayer together -- what a gift for our ecumenical friendship! For this path of quiet prayer and the healing and transformation it brings, I am deeply grateful. Ma... Read more
Dear One, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you but your voice has been a wonderful friend and your books treasured companions these past few years. Like many others, you transformed my life with the practice of Centering Prayer, which was clearly instructed and guided by our local chapter using your resources. I can truly say I feel closer to God than ever before and genuinely and truly happy since immersing myself in Centering Prayer twice a day. As time goes on, it is easier to allow ... Read more
Our sorrow is too deep for words. We will be ever grateful for the personal times we shared with you out at Snowmass. You were the cherry on the top of our Spiritual Journey. Always encouraging us to seek and find. IZZY. You radiated God's Love to us with every encounter. You will be forever in our hearts and mind. We love you, Thomas. Joe and Nikki Murphy West Chester, Pa.
A truly wonderful and transformative individual has transitioned into the Rising Tide of Silence. Thank you for your service. Your willingness to Pray, Listen and Follow has been a truly great source of inspiration to me.
I attended a 10 day silent Centering Prayer retreat with Father Keating many years ago. His presence was larger than life. His humility, kindness and humor were endearing. It was so clear that Father Keating walked his talk and lived on a plane of consciousness near our God.
Father Thomas was a light of gentle love and wisdom in my life. His Open Heart, Open Mind lit a candle that glows with steady peace, guiding me in my spiritual practice. Although I never met him, I feel I knew him, and I will never forget him.
The teachings of Fr. Keating were introduced to me by a wonderful parishioner. Since then, I have made available the Contemplative Prayer sessions wherever I have served. His voice and words have been a blessing throughout the years.
A Saint of God. We ask your intercession.