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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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I was first introduced to Centering Prayer over 15 years ago ( can it have been that long ago? ) through Fr. Keating's " Open Heart, Open Mind". Just what I was looking for!. I attended a Centering Prayer group weekly for about 4 years after learning of Centering Prayer. Fr Thomas's explanation and guidance in all things Contemplative was such a blessing- he made the experience very approachable and possible for one who never thought she could be quiet in mind and soul. I actually m... Read more
While I was in the pit of despair and brokenness, Fr. Keating’s writings introduced me to a God I never knew or believed could exist. His presence was God’s amazing grace at work yet once again.
Only on october 11 2018, for the first time a saw a yotubevideo of Father Keating, explaining contemplative prayer. I was immediately grasped. I started contemplative prayer the next day and saw more of video's of Father Keating. In my search for the "right"spirituality he spoke directly to my heart. I knew that not for long, Father Keating would give up his body. And so happened only two weeks after my first "meeting" with him through the internet. Father Keating I will read your books and wa... Read more
On behalf of the Centering Prayer Group in Australia, I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to those who mourn the passing of Fr Thomas, especially Thomas’s Community and Members of Contemplative Outreach, who have worked so intimately with Fr Thomas over so many years. I met Fr Thomas in 1996, and will always remember his powerful presence and my time at Snowmass. Since returning home from Snowmass, I have used many of Fr Thomas’s Extraordinay DVD Resources to enable others ... Read more
Your teachings have made a profound impact in my life. The sound of your voice, walking in your footsteps, wanting what you have. I could never be more grateful for sharing in this journey with your guidance. Keep praying for me Alabama USA
Fr. Thomas was and still is someone very important in my life, although I did not meet him personally. His wisdom and a smile full of love and joy lives in my heart. Maria Maciata POLAND
Less than a month after getting sober, I was exposed to Centering Prayer & read Fr. Thomas’s “Divine Therapy & Addiction”. It quite literally changed my life & opened my eyes to a new life, one in which I have an ongoing, personal relationship with God. Needless to say, I have devoured his books & videos. You could look into his eyes & see God smiling back at you. And now I’m so drawn to God that I’ve entered the Vocational Discernment process with my diocese to perhaps become a pr... Read more
My sincere christian condoleances to the people of St. Joseph abbey and to the community of coutreach aswell in Colorado as in the UK. to all who appreciated/ loved father Keating. Ten years ago i came across the spiritual conferences of father Keating. i got stuck ever since. His teachings were so wise, kind, and yet so humble, putting a smile on our faces at times…. He was an authority talking about religious/ spiritual matters, Always referring to a most loving God to all mank... Read more
My meetings and conversations with Fr.Thomas is a living treasure in my heart. For a year ago I sat with him last time, talking about faith and Christianity of today, about God and interfaith dialog. I brought him knitted glovess from Iceland with a pattern knitted in picturing the country Iceland. Once again he shared his story about his Icelandic nanny Selma in a way and spirit like she was there with us. So much love and gratefulness I felt connected to my home country through his love to Sel... Read more
Thank you, Father Thomas. The Centering Prayer and your teaching helped me tremendously to grow spiritually, and to become a better Christian and a better person.