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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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I remember what Fr. Thomas Keating said when I visited Snowmass Monastery. When I visited the Monastery May 2010, I usually stayed at the bookstore and there I met him for sometimes after the first greeting. At that time Father was not in good condition, but he came out to find some books and we met. May he worried that I spend too much time to find books, and one day Father told me with eyes contact that "Concept is not important!" - that's all. I brought the words in my mind on my return... Read more
Thank you, Father Thomas, for your life and teaching. May you be incorporated into the arms of the Risen Christ, and may you take your place in the communion of the saints. And may we encounter your deathless presence in your writings and community that remain. -Desert Rain Community, Chaparral, New Mexico
God graced me with Fr. Keating after the market crash wiped out our lifetime savings from a 25 year law practice, my husband of 22 years died of oral cancer at 55 (same time), and within 3 month’s both our lifetime pets failed to thrive and passed on. Immobilized by sorrow and loss, I researched for a spiritual leader who had a full understanding of the human psyche. Never had I received in my 55 years of Catholicism, such comfort as when Fr Keating inimitably said (for the first time to... Read more
I had read a number of books by Fr Thomas and had practiced Centering Prayer for a couple of years when Fr Thomas came to Maine to speak in Bar Harbor. The talk was held in an open air tent on a lawn on cliffs above the Harbor. The combination of the beauty of the day and Fr Thomas’s words were a vehicle that for me, caused the world to stand still and God’s love to be so clear and evident unifying all of us listening to him. Thank you Fr Thomas. May you rest in the peace and the love that y... Read more
Chicago, Illinois.
When I opened my emails Friday morning and learned Fr. Thomas died the night before ( - or- was born into eternal life) a deep wave of sorrow came over me. I never met him, and only know him through his books, CD’s, DVD’s, and this course. But the sorrow was so intense I realized I was experiencing grief and mourning as if a close family member died. It lasted the whole day. I remember wondering, how long will this last, and wondering, is this how awful I will feel when my mother is calle... Read more
I have never in my life shed tears for someone who has died that I didn't know personally, however when I hear of Fr. Thomas Keating's death, I did so. I never had the opportunity to meet him, however through his books and videos, I seem to have developed a real relationship with him. It is truly amazing how many lives he has touched in such a deep way. May God grant him that final letting go. I pray for peace for all who will miss him, as I know I will.
From Dublin Ireland: Two of his video taped workshops crossed my desk in 1998 as I was working for a television company in Ireland. I was requested to convert Thomas's two videos from NTSC (American Television Standard) to PAL (European Television Standard). This all needed to be done in real time and as such I watched both master tapes from start to finish. Having previously read many sacred texts from various religious traditions and having participated in many spiritual endeavours I was ... Read more
I am so grateful for Father Thomas! He will always be in my heart!
Upon awakening on the morning of Father Keating's death for some 'mysterious' unknown reason, I was compelled to binge-watch his series on Love Matters. As I reflect and consider what it is I would like to express at this moment, I am reminded of the episode about playing games with God. I believe that best articulates my feeling: that I found Father Keating while we both playing a game of Hide & Seek with God. It's a field we've been playing in forever. The depth of his impact on me is fatho... Read more