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My first exposure to Fr Keating was in the early 1990s through the two-volume set of audio tapes entitled The Contemplative Journey. I was immediately drawn in by his wisdom, wit and humor. I listened to those tapes every day on my way to and from work, labeling my favorite ones with silver stars so I could easily locate segments and relisten, over and over. He shared so much of his own journey and so many of his stories I will never forget. I recall bursting out with laughter when he told the of an early experience when he was in ill health during a period of fasting and his superior ordered him to eat two candy bars and drink a glass of cream every day! Also recall being brought to tears when he told the powerful story about Bernie, his voice cracking with emotion at the end. And perhaps most meaningful to me was his story likening our periods of centering prayer with having a heavy date. An interesting comparison which drove home the point that each day God is waiting with enormous love for us to just "show up".
Since then Fr Keatings books have been guideposts for my spiritual journey. I thank you Fr Keating for all your teachings which have set me on the path to an ever stronger relationship with God through Centering Prayer.