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My sincere christian condoleances to the people of St. Joseph abbey and to the community of coutreach aswell in Colorado as in the UK. to all who appreciated/ loved father Keating.
Ten years ago i came across the spiritual conferences of father Keating. i got stuck ever since. His teachings were so wise, kind, and yet so humble, putting a smile on our faces at times…. He was an authority talking about religious/ spiritual matters, Always referring to a most loving God to all mankind. It was in those years i got attracted to the centering prayer, i am still practicing and learning…

I did send him at times a card, once a letter Always thanking him and just having " a small talk" with him. Father Keating Always replied in a encouraging and kind way. He was happy when i told him about the translation of his book " Open heart, open mind " into the flemish language (Belgium).
I have never met him, but a true sadness appeared when i found out of his passing away.
I pray for him and will continue once a while to look and listen to his spiritual / religious christian teaching.

Thank you God for putting me on his track. Thank you father Keating.