God graced me with Fr. Keating after the market crash wiped out our lifetime savings from a 25 year law practice, my husband of 22 years died of oral cancer at 55 (same time), and within 3 month’s both our lifetime pets failed to thrive and passed on. Immobilized by sorrow and loss, I researched for a spiritual leader who had a full understanding of the human psyche.

Never had I received in my 55 years of Catholicism, such comfort as when Fr Keating inimitably said (for the first time to “me”): There is no where to go, there is nothing to do, you are loved”. You cannot earn it, and it is always available to you. Why don’t you try to be with that Reality by practicing centering prayer. St the time it was the ONLY thing I could do. And Therein my faith, in the midst of the deepest psychic unknowns, began to be transformed.

I had practiced centering one year before my husband’s Easter Sunday Hospice determination that he would remain. Bbecause of Fr Keating, we surrendered the last three days of his life, in centering prayer. The nurse asked me to get a breath of air on the third day, and in a deep sense of peace and trust and deep love, I walked the garden, when a butterfly with three dots alit, and I consciously engaged God, asking God, “Have I truly surrendered him?”, “I don’t ever want to leave this experience: I have never ever experienced this level of safety, this purity of love, amidst this full experience of impending death, and I knew Alex was experiencing the same.” And I said, “oh yes, he is all yours. Thank you, thank you thank you for allowing us such safety.” And at that very moment, unbeknownst to me, Alex’s spirit was made perfectly One with God’s Spirit. (I would take the stand to attest to this, and have served appointments for the Bar on Ethics committees.

I WILL live all the rest of my days, (asking Gods help, ) out of this experience which Fr. Keating, so humbly, so gently, made possible for this heart in need of remaking.

Though I did not know Father Thomas, in person, he has spoken to me (via recording and books) nearly every day over the past six years, and his words have led me to trust, The Greatest Lover of them All——MYSTERY and All.
Father Keating continues to inspire and shine on my relation with THE Guru: Christ, as I’ve come to relate to God. Beyond my understanding, You are always Present in Oneness. I can always find you there: as Cynthia would say “in the mystical body of Hope”.