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I remember what Fr. Thomas Keating said when I visited Snowmass Monastery.
When I visited the Monastery May 2010, I usually stayed at the bookstore and there I met him for sometimes after the first greeting. At that time Father was not in good condition, but he came out to find some books and we met. May he worried that I spend too much time to find books, and one day Father told me with eyes contact that
"Concept is not important!" - that's all.
I brought the words in my mind on my return way, to these days I recall the words.
I know the words that, there is a thing that is more important than Concept, like... Intimacy with God.
In the books, there is Concept but not Intimacy.
It seems that Father wanted me to pray more than seeking for books..... I believe.
This is the great present to me that Fr. Thomas has given to me.
I don't know how to express my gratitude.
Thanks Father.
I remember you and pray for you. You still live in your teachings and all materials.
May God be with you.
p.s. :
1. Please excuse my poor English.
2. There are many people shows sorrow in contemplative outreach in Korea, I express our sorrow too.