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On behalf of the Centering Prayer Group in Australia, I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to those who mourn the passing of Fr Thomas, especially Thomas’s Community and Members of Contemplative Outreach, who have worked so intimately with Fr Thomas over so many years.

I met Fr Thomas in 1996, and will always remember his powerful presence and my time at Snowmass.
Since returning home from Snowmass, I have used many of Fr Thomas’s Extraordinay DVD Resources to enable others to tap into his wisdom and teachings.

We the Centering Prayer Network of Australia, especially Canberra, owe a debt of gratitude to this Spiritual Giant and grounded Mystic who has taught us all, that this Journey isn’t for a select few, but for everyone. His profound understanding of the Journey, and his ability to share it with others will forever remain imprinted on our hearts.

Rest In Peace Fr Thomas, and May the God you loved so deeply and served so faithfully in this life, be now known to you in all Fullness.
Sr Lorraine