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I was first introduced to Centering Prayer over 15 years ago ( can it have been that long ago? ) through Fr. Keating's " Open Heart, Open Mind". Just what I was looking for!. I attended a Centering Prayer group weekly for about 4 years after learning of Centering Prayer. Fr Thomas's explanation and guidance in all things Contemplative was such a blessing- he made the experience very approachable and possible for one who never thought she could be quiet in mind and soul.

I actually met Fr. Keating by happenstance ( although we know there are no coincidences -LOL) when I visited St. Benedict's Monastery in August 2003. I had flown to Aspen, Colorado from Tampa, Fl to attend my brother's wedding. I was delighted to learn that Snowmass was very nearby. I spent one of the most profound six hours of my life walking and sitting on the grounds of that abbey and attending Vespers. I was alone with the Alone. While there, I visited the Abbey's FAB-U-LOUS bookstore and that is where I met Fr. Keating. He came striding through a door, in his habit, and looked just like his pictures! To say I was thrilled and starstruck is an understatement. I stammered out an introduction; he was welcoming and warm and gave me directions to the chapel for Vespers.

I don't quite understand it but I have always credited Fr. Keating and Centering Prayer for leading me to the Lay Carmelites 13 years ago.

Rest well, good and faithful servant.