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When I opened my emails Friday morning and learned Fr. Thomas died the night before ( - or- was born into eternal life) a deep wave of sorrow came over me. I never met him, and only know him through his books, CD’s, DVD’s, and this course. But the sorrow was so intense I realized I was experiencing grief and mourning as if a close family member died. It lasted the whole day. I remember wondering, how long will this last, and wondering, is this how awful I will feel when my mother is called home ( my mother is also in her nineties). I spent all of Friday evening re-visiting some of my favorite passages from Fr. Thomas’ books, watching some of the many you tube videos of him teaching , and of course doing Centering Prayer. I went to bed with a heavy heart and an even heavier mind as the grief weighed heavily on my mind. Almost as if I was wearing a crown of thorns. Thankfully sleep overtook me. When I awoke Saturday morning, the first thing I noticed was the crown of thorns was gone. My head felt normal. This lifted my spirits. I did my 20 minute sit, as that’s the first thing I do every morning. And when it was over I started feeling a lightness if spirit. The heaviness of the day before was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I remember reading somewhere, can’t remember where, that when someone dies their spirit is now available to us. They are more available to us after death than before. I thought, could this possibly be? Now that Fr. Thomas is part of the communion of saints, could it be he knew of my suffering over his death and interceded for me to experience a rather quick resurrection? I won’t say I’m happy, that’s the wrong word, but I have a lightness I did not have at all on Friday, and I have been praying to Fr. Thomas the way I pray to my favorite saints. I have this image of Fr. Thomas and Saint Teresa of Avila smiling at me. ‘Santo Subito’ !