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He was an inspiration to me... He helped me develop what became my Religious Vocation to God & I hope He is given an opportunity to place before the Congregation for the Causes of Saints a proposal for potential consideration as I would love to assist with that effort if it ever arose. He truly was a miracle worker for me. He taught me to see GOD and approach Him with a completely different set of eyes, ears, and witness. I will never be the same again as he totally transformed my life. I have had many challenges because I was born wit Cerebral Palsy and diagnosed in Highschool with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and then at 30 diagnosed with Asperger's. Without this man I truly would not be where I am today. (I have met many who have argued that He was too influenced by eastern thought but I always stuck up for him) May God Grant Him Eternal Rest and May Light Perpetual Shine Upon Him. He taught me to believe in myself when no one else would I am now a Consecrated Hermit in the U S A in the Diocese of Green Bay Wi