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It wasn’t until the early 2000s that I learned about centering prayer. Prior to that in the 1980s I spent time at Holden Village, the Lutheran retreat center in Washington state where I Wanted to learn more about And practice contemplative prayer. I learned about the Jesus prayer. I struggled in the 90s to find a “form” of quiet prayer that would stick. I walked labyrinths. Eventually I spent a private retreat at St Meinrads, then Sisters of St Benedict of Ferdinand in Southern Indiana followed by a two day intro to centering prayer. In 2006 I came across Father Keating’s lecture at Harvard “The Human Condition” while I was browsing the Snowmass Monastery book store. As a nurse practitioner dealing with medical human conditions, most of which have stress and spiritual issues contributing, I found the book a Deeply important prompt to my own spiritual journey. Since 2006 I have found centering prayer to be “my source of God’s healing and transformation and access to our Creator for the healing of the universe”. I so appreciate his “apprentices” as Fr Richard Rohr and Peter Traben Haas. There are no words to describe how deeply thankful I am to Father Thomas Keating. West Lafayette Indiana