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Centering Prayer saved my life. I was in a place of doubt and confusion about who I was, where my life was going, and what kind of God was leading me there. When I read 'Open Mind Open Heart' in 1994, I realized I had found a practice, and in a way, a spiritual Abba in Thomas. He said God will bring people, events, books and more into your life if you are faithful and open to the spiritual journey. AMEN! And the type of God he professed and, I'm sure, experienced in his own life at times, one of Unconditional Love, Humor, Gentleness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Tenderness, enticing and awe-inspiring Mystery, gave me the ability to trust whatever happens. And to let go and let God! So now that Centering Prayer has saved my life, I realize the next step is to lose my life, for God's sake! Blessings and Love to you, Thomas, and all of Contemplative Outreach!