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At some point in my browsing and reading the Contemplative Outreach and Spirituality and Practice e-mails, I first read the name Thomas Keating. I think it was reading a course produced by Cynthia Bourgeault that I was introduced to Fr Keatings - Centering Prayer.
At the time I was searching for something to improve my prayer life but I had difficulty with this method of prayer until I read Cynthia's story of how Thomas told the nun that she "had 1000 opportunities to return to God" when 1000 thoughts came to mind when she sat down to do CP. This makes such a difference to my practice. Then I sent for his " Foundations for Centering Prayer and The Christian Contemplative Life. - Another blessing from Thomas.

My best friend died in 2013 and I was quite stressed even though it was not sudden. That same year I had the opportunity to travel to USA and attend a silent retreat at St Mary's Swanee, conducted by Gail Fitzpatrick- Hopler, Mary-Anne Best and Hadley Morris. The retreat centered around the film series Gift of Life - Death and Dying, Life and Living. This weekend impacted me significantly additionally, I was able to purchase Thomas' book "The Mystery of Christ- The Liturgy as a Spiritual Experience" The information in this book has also impacted my worship in helping me to keep focused.
Finally my unforgettable words from Fr Thomas are:- "our emotional programmes for happiness" and "The more God does and the less you do, the better the prayer.
Thomas Keating has been a blessing to my life, may he have a well deserved rest in peace and may Light Perpetual shine upon him.