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Father Keating came to Boulder about 15 years ago to give a talk at Naropa University. He’s one of my heroes as well as someone who has changed my life for the better, so of course my wife and I went to his talk. He’s a lot bigger in person than I imagined, and I was thrilled to discover that in person he represents everything he talks about in his books and videos. That night he talked for a couple hours with no notes, making fun of himself and everyone else, and then mixing in profound ideas and a heavy dose of encouragement. At the end of his talk I knew I needed to shake his hand and say thanks, but when I got up to the front he was surrounded and my wife and I didn’t have time to hang around, so I pushed my way in and stuck out my hand, saying, “I just wanted to say thanks.” He stopped talking, looked straight at me and then grabbed my hand. I felt something like high voltage electricity run up my arm and down through my whole body. Really. That’s never happened to me before or since and I wanted to ask him, “did you feel that?” I didn’t because there were a lot of people around, but later on I concluded that’s what it would feel like to shake hands with the Lord. He was the real deal and all of us are so blessed to continue to know him and to continue to feel His Presence. God gives great gifts, and Thomas Keating is one not to be missed.