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From Dublin Ireland:

Two of his video taped workshops crossed my desk in 1998 as I was working for a television company in Ireland. I was requested to convert Thomas's two videos from NTSC (American Television Standard) to PAL (European Television Standard). This all needed to be done in real time and as such I watched both master tapes from start to finish.
Having previously read many sacred texts from various religious traditions and having participated in many spiritual endeavours I was absolutely astounded by Thomas's Footage. I instantly understood he was an authentic mystic working within the Christian tradition.

Later, Thomas would very kindly take time to correspond with myself.

I will never forget this man's work; He saw how Christians were being failed by their so called spiritual peers and did something about it.
His divine intent, his merging of the divine with the mundane, his re-constructing inter-religious dialogue, his re-uniting of science and spirituality and taking what is essentially an esoteric process of divine transformation and explaining it for exoteric minded Christians.

It is popular to demand the canonising of individuals for 'imitating' Christ, but not for actually 'being transfigured' as Christ was. As such, it is a sign of our egotistical times that while Thomas will be remembered by many, once again, he will not be held in the highest Christian regard as he ought to 'have been'.

Thomas Keating 'is' the absolute giant that Thomas Merton and envious company egotistically fantasise about 'being.'

I witnessed a saint and I am glorified - but Thomas was much too cautious and humble to 'explain' that one without apophatic negation. He has given anyone the hope that they to can become like him transfigured into Christ and if not, at least saintly by his process, as Thomas might say 'we are transformed into whatever capacity we are capable of receiving,'

Thomas Keating's work is glorious and Holy.
I am grateful.