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Many yrs ago....just out of seminary,I went to hear Fr Thomas Keating speak on prayer at St Marks Cathedral in Seattle....I didnt know what to expect ....Fr Thomas talked about contemplative prayer.....which caused me great frustration. I went to him after his lecture and voiced my frustration....he smiled at me and said "you are right where you are suppose to be" response Im not....that why I'm here find out how to pray. Fr Thomas smiled and said "Timothy, you are right where you are suppose to be" I shook my head which caused him to smile that all knowing smile....he said it are right where you are suppose to be....its a long journey", 25 yrs have passed and I now know what he meant.... learning to pray is frustating because we can not control prayer....or God....we must simply learn to just let go....of everything. We will miss Thomas...and his words of wisdom....but I am happy for him....he is right where he is suppose to be. Fr. Timothy