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From a remote student in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am honored to write this summary. I was first introduced to Fr. Keating at the Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey where I stayed for 2 years. They had a whole set of video tapes from Fr. Keating. I was instantly amazed at how much truth was in the first and subsequent tapes. It really hit home and as I went through each tape with Brother Dennis, I realized how much I would be learning about myself, my childhood, and most importantly, how to be healed. Fr. Keating helped me get close to my Lord and learn about a type of prayer that I have passed on to many people. Most of them still practice this centering prayer to this day. I certainly do. Thank you Fr. Keating for this gift that came from the heavens. RIP my friend. I know you are with the Trinity and are experiencing the ultimate Love and peace.