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My first retreat at Snowmass was many years ago in the still and depth of winter. One morning Pat Johnson whispered to me that I was expected down at the Monastery’s small chapel for an one on one interview with Father Thomas at 1PM. This was unexpected. I hiked down in the fresh deep snow, the tapes in my head were reeling with the noise of uncertainty. The ante room was cold, the interview room door closed with light on, I assumed an interview underway. At 1, it appeared the interview was going slightly over the hour. That was fine, but uncertainty loomed. Patience was reasonable. At 1:15 the commentary of the tapes in my head shifted to impatience. At 1:20, a bit self indignation was blaring. At that moment, the door to the ante room burst open, in strolled Father Thomas, tall, covered in snow, wool cap in place. He placed his large hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said; “Oh, Mike, I am so sorry to be late, I had turned on the heat in the interview room, sorry you didn’t wait in there.” Needless to say, the tapes were gone at that moment, and the interview was as it was meant to be. It is his hospitality, his generosity, and loving kindness that for which I am grateful. I am thankful for subsequent encounters, his teaching, and his exceptional kindness and patience. Forever with us!

Portland, Oregon